How To Get French Backlinks – Ultimate Guide

How To Get French Backlinks – Ultimate Guide

French link building strategy is an important and an excellent way to enhance the ranking of your French Website in Google, however, you have to know how to define it, but first may be you ask yourself what a link building strategy is? and how can be effective? In this guide you will learn a step-by-step the best ways to get quality French backlinks and how it’s possible to increase your SEO in search engines.

This ultimate guide will contain the following sections:

  1. What’s a French backlinks?
  2. What’s a French Link Building Strategy?
  3. Starting French Link Building Strategy
  4. How to Get French Backlinks?

1. What’s a French backlinks?

French backlinks is a very important factor to boost your Website ranking and so get more organic traffic, so before you get French backlinks, you need to know some points in order to get a good result at the end and avoid to get penalized by search engines.

2. What’s a French Link Building Strategy?

French link building strategy is a method of getting in a smart way French backlinks to your Website from French Websites especially from domain names with .fr extension which will allow you to increase your natural French SEO because generally backlinks is the main factor for search engine especially Google but not any kind of backlinks just the good ones because the principal it’s easy, more the good Websites talk about your Website and link to it more it will be popular and trusted.

3. Starting French Link Building Strategy

The objective of the SEO strategy is to get quality French backlinks, for that you need to take into consideration many factors:

3.1 Text Anchor

The external backlinks must have a text anchor related to the topic of your Website or your target keywords, and must not be the same for all links, it must be different on each one, that’s mean you can use a target keyword, sometimes the URL of your Website, sometimes the title of your Website etc.

3.2 The Quality of Websites

The quality of the Websites who link to yours is important, but may be you ask yourself how to know a quality one? As you may be know the Google PageRank is dead so there’s no official indicator to classify Websites, but don’t worry! MOZ has defined some factors which are called DA, PA and Spam Score, in addition of these factors here’s a complete list of indicators that you need to check:

  • DA: Domain Authority which must be at least 20.
  • PA: Page Authority which must be at least 20.
  • Spam Score: must be none or zero.
  • The content of the Website must have unique.
  • The age of the Website must be at least one year old.
  • The Website must have a topic or a rubric related to the topic of your Website.
  • The language of the Website must be in French.
  • The Website must be indexed in Google.
  • Some French Websites link to yours must have a .fr domain name.
  • To check the DA, PA and Spam Score just go to MOZ Website and enter the address of any Website and you will get a report like that:




But MOZ has limited the queries to 10 per month, but don’t worry! There’s a tons of tools that offer this service for unlimited queries, just search in Google “Check DA and PA” J

  • To check if a content of a Website is unique or not, just copy some sentences of six words at least from a page of your target Website and past it in the Google search with a double quote at the beginning and another one at the end:

If you get this result above so the content is unique, you can do many tests to be sure!

  • To check if a Website is indexed just type “” in Google Search:
  • Example of checking Yahoo Website:

  • To check the age of Website you can use a “Whois Service” like which will show you the registration date of the domain name.

3.3 Quality of the French backlinks

Certainly the quality of Websites that links to yours is important but to set up an effective backlinks they must appear natural for Google bot, so what’s the best way to set up a natural backlinks?

  • Articles or Guest Posts

Article French backlinks are most natural if they come from a unique French articles with at least 300 words, in a context related to the topic of your Website, in a page where there’s no more than 10 externals links and have an anchor text as described above in the section 3.1.

  • Comments

The quality of the comment will depend on the other comments because if the page contain a tons of comments and on each one there’s a link to another Website with different topic of your Website you will get penalized by Google.

  • Forum Posts

To get quality forum backlinks, the forum must be relevant and popular and talk about the main topic of your Website. You have to avoid signature backlinks because they are detected by Google bots and considered as spam.

  • Social Networks

Social networks backlinks are very important because sharing your links by people on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is a good sign for Google to detect how useful is your content, and not just that, the number of likes and comments on social networks is very important too, because it show the value of your content and your link.

4. How to Get French Backlinks?

Of course you don’t have to share all your links by yourself in the other Websites, but it’s not enough to focus just on the quality of your content and set up a social network sharing icons on each page and readers will share them for you J, at the beginning it’s important to get some quality French backlinks. So how to get these backlinks? Here’s some strategies:

Buy some French articles backlinks but as already discussed they must appear natural, offer quality French articles with backlinks, that can enhance the ranking of your Website on Google quickly.

Contact some popular French Facebook pages and YouTubers with many followers and subscribers and ask them to do a post or a video related to the niche of your Website and adding a backlink on them.

Recruit someone to create French forum discussions in popular forums related to the niche of your Website.

After getting some quality French backlinks you will get automatically some visitors and they will share your content if it’s good and important for them of course.

Here’s a video published by Google about the importance of backlinks:






Generally getting backlinks are a powerful off-site SEO factor, however, they must be a quality ones, so for a good and smart start have a good content and buy natural backlinks.